There are so many benefits to maintaining your home’s landscaping. You can beautify your home, increase the curb appeal, and even prevent soil erosion. Follow these three easy landscape tips to get these benefits and more for your Southwest Florida home.

Plant Selection: Go Native

When you are selecting the plants that are going inside of your flowerbed, you want to make sure that you choose plants that will thrive. The best way to ensure that your plants are a good fit for your landscape is to check each plant’s hardiness zone.

The hardiness zone will tell you which temperatures are best for the plant. Native plants will fit into your home’s specific hardiness zone. Additionally, native plants will support wildlife like birds and butterflies.  

Plant Placement: Space & Place

Make sure that you understand where to place your plants. Plants need space to grow and they need to be placed in a specific amount of sunlight. Some plants call for full sun, other plants call for partial sun, and then there are some that benefit from full shade. If plants are placed in the wrong sun coverage area they will not thrive.

Once you have figured out how much sun your plants need, give them ample room to grow. Do not bunch several young plants together. As plants grow their roots will spread out just like their stems or branches and leaves will. If plants are overcrowded they will fight for light, water, and nutrients which could stunt their growth. Help your plants thrive by choosing the right place and giving them space to grow.

Water Control: Be Water Wise

Keeping your plants watered can be a struggle in the hot summer months in Southwest Florida. Overwatering is not only wasteful but costly, too. You can control the amount of water that you use on your plants by choosing native plants that are drought-friendly, watering at the right time of day, and developing a water conservation system.  

Now, developing your own water conservation system might sound a bit extreme for your home’s landscape, but really it just means that you are being wise about how you use your water. Don’t water your plants in the middle of the day when the sun is high. The water will not only evaporate faster, but in combination with the sun, it can burn your plants, too.

Add mulch to your landscape beds. Mulch is very beneficial because it helps seal in moisture. It also prevents water evaporation and allows water to flow down to your plants' roots. too. In addition to adding mulch to your landscape beds, consider adding a sprinkler system. Sprinkler systems save time, money, and water. Put your sprinkler system on a timer for added convenience.

Bonus Tip: Use Professional Services

If you struggle with knowing what to do with your home’s landscape, you can always try professional services. Lakewood Ranch landscape maintenance and design services can be just what you need to make your landscaping sustainably beautiful. You can benefit from landscape maintenance and design services if you need help with choosing which plants to use, installing landscape lighting, irrigation installation or repair, and even maintaining your yard and flowerbeds.


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