Maintaining a well-manicured lawn in the heat of summer in Florida is challenging. Your yard can get damaged if it’s not taken care of properly.  Follow these lawn care tips if you’re in Lakewood Ranch to keep your lawn healthy all summer long.

Maximize Your Water Usage

Cities across Florida have water restrictions in place during summer to conserve water. Using your sprinkler system can help maximize your water usage and help your lawn get the water it needs. Here are the steps you need to take to optimize your water usage with your sprinkler system:

1. Run your sprinkler system on test.

2. Check each zone for leaks or broken sprinkler heads.

3. Repair any busted or leaky pipes.

4. Adjust sprinkler heads to water your lawn, not your fence or sidewalk.

5. Check the local watering restrictions.

6. Set your sprinkler system to run on a schedule by:

a. Setting the system’s time and date

b. Selecting which days you want the system to run

c. Determining how long you want each zone to run

Some cities allow the use of soaker hoses and hand watering. Spend some time in the evening running your soaker hoses or hand watering if you are in an area that allows this type of watering. Avoid running your sprinklers or watering in the middle of the day. When you water in the heat of the day, the water can evaporate or run off before reaching the plant’s roots.

Understand Your Fertilizer and Herbicides

Fertilizers and herbicides can cause damage to your plants if misused or applied to your lawn when it’s too hot outside. Follow the package’s instructions for use. Once you know what mixture of fertilizer or herbicide to use, apply them at the right time of day. Many fertilizers and herbicides require watering the application area. If you have to water after putting down fertilizer or herbicide, remember to water early in the day or late in the evening. You never want to water in full sun because the chemicals you’ve put down might not make it to your plants or soil if the water evaporates too quickly.

Adjust Your Lawn Mower

Another thing to help maintain your lawn in the summer heat is to adjust your mower’s cutting height. If your lawnmower is too low, you could accidentally scalp your lawn. If you scalp your yard, your grass might turn yellow or brown, leaving your yard with patches of dead grass.

Move Your Potted Plants

Potted plants often make beautiful additions to your outdoor esthetics, but they can struggle in high heat. You might need to move your potted plants during a summer heat wave, depending on the type of plant you have in your pots.

Some plants thrive in full sun, while others need shade in the heat of the day. To help your plants, first, try moving your potted plants out of direct sunlight. If they’re still struggling, you might need to move them inside until it cools off.

Do You Still Need Help Caring for Your Lawn?

If you struggle to care for your lawn during a hot Florida summer, consider hiring a professional landscape company. A professional landscaper can provide additional help maintaining your Lakewood Ranch landscape. They will have the knowledge and experience to get your yard healthy and keep it that way.


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