What is Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting is lighting that is put inplace around the outside of your home to illuminate your outdoor space. Thelighting can be placed to light up your home, trees, fence, walkway, and gardenbeds. There are many benefits of installing landscape lighting in LakewoodRanch.

5 Common Types of LandscapeLighting

Did you know that there are multiple types oflights that can be installed to make your landscape lighting truly unique? Eachof the different types of landscape lighting has a different intended purposeand way that the light illuminates the specific area. There are five commontypes of landscape lights that you should consider for your landscape lightingneeds.

Garden Lights

Garden lights are small lights that illuminatepathways such as your home’s sidewalk. These lights are placed closely togetherbecause they only illuminate a small area. Garden lights can be solar-powered,battery-powered, or hard-wired into your system.

Uplights and Downlights

Uplights and downlights are directional lightsthat are usually installed to illuminate flat surfaces like the exterior wallsof your home as well as your fencing. Many people like to install these lightsbecause they can be tilted and adjusted to fit the exact space anddirectionality that you need.


Floodlights are one of the most common lightsinstalled when people are looking to increase the security around theirproperty. Floodlights can have a motion sensor so that they only turn on whenthere is movement in the immediate area. These lights are very bright andcommonly installed at the corners and concealed areas of the home.

Bullet Lights

Bullet lights are smaller than uplights,downlights, and floodlights; however, they are stronger than garden lights.They are usually installed to light up trees, larger shrubs, or specificfeatures of the house and landscape beds.

String Lights

String lights are outdoor lights that areusually installed around a patio. They can also go around a backyard or otherfrequently used area that needs to be illuminated.

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There are many benefits of installinglandscape lighting in Lakewood Ranch. The two biggest benefits are that you canincrease your home’s curb appeal while simultaneously creating a sense ofsafety and security around your home.

Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When you add landscape lighting to your homeyou will instantly improve your home’s curb appeal. By improving your home’scurb appeal you will increase the amount that a buyer would pay for your home.It is always beneficial to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase yourproperty value.

Create a Sense of Safety

Adding landscape lighting can increase thesense of safety around your property because it will eliminate dark areas. Byeliminating the dark areas around your home you will increase nighttimevisibility and deter potential intruders. There are specific types of securitylighting that can be installed to help you achieve a more secure area whilealso being aesthetically pleasing.  

Hire a Landscape Designer

You should hire a landscape designer atLakewood Ranch to help you with all of your landscape lighting needs. Alandscape designer will have experience with installing various types oflandscape lighting. They will also be able to make recommendations for whichlighting types will work best for your specific landscape lighting needs.